Thursday Morning Prayers

Let my words come to your ears, O Lord:
Listen to my voice, my King and my God.

As I make my prayer to you, Lord, listen to my voice in the morning;
in the morning, I will stand before you and await you.

Offer your gratitude to Him for a blessing in your life

Lord God, help us who hear your Word. Help us come with all our hearts to the Savior, who leads us into your arms. Hear our pleading and let your countenance shine over the world. Send a new age soon, a new salvation to the earth, to the glory of your name. Show us that what we have learned about you is the truth and that we may live in the truth and find the way through to heaven, to the glory of your name.

Hear me, O Lord our God. Sometimes it seems that you are far away. But I know that my voice still reaches you and roused by your Holy Spirit I will become a better worker for the Lord Jesus. Send me your Spirit, O Lord God. Send the Comforter, who leads your servants into all light and all truth.

I entrust myself and my daily life to you. I seek to be faithful. Help me to be your faithful child, to remember at every step that I belong to you, Lord God. No matter how dark it is on earth, help me to remember that I am with you, now and forever.

Dedicate to Him a contact or act of kindness that you will perform today to bless another

Lord, I look now to my day and the challenges known and unknown that they may serve your kingdom and glory. Protect me and my loved ones from those forces that would do us harm or draw us away from you.

Tell the Lord of your love for Him

Today, Lord, I especially pray for the poor of this world. Forgive me for letting my wealth blind me to their presence or worse harbor ill will for them. You declared you favor with them. Help me to do the same.

Preview your day with Him and then meditate and listen in silence for His guidance

Hear now my needs for this time and draw me near to you that I might be still and hear your voice.
By my prayers and observance, Lord, prepare my heart to welcome the mystery of your resurrection
and to proclaim the good news of salvation.

Plan for the physical exercise of His temple, your body

Lord God, my life is meaningless without you. I pray that nothing will separate me from every day with you. Let me be under your loving and protective watch. Teach me how to be closer to You.
And may I constantly be in check for my thoughts, words and action. AMEN