Friday Morning Prayers

Let my words come to your ears, O Lord:
Listen to my voice, my King and my God.

As I make my prayer to you, Lord, listen to my voice in the morning;
in the morning, I will stand before you and await you.

Offer your gratitude to Him for a blessing in your life

Lord our God, in the grace of Jesus Christ I pray to you that your will may be done for me and for my family. Through Jesus Christ grant us faith that you love us, faith that we may live in your love, that we may hope in your love every day and have peace on earth, where there is so much unrest and trouble. Keep us firm and constant, remaining in your peace and in the inner quiet you give us because Jesus Christ has overcome the world. He has truly overcome, and this fills us with joy.

I praise you, Almighty God, that you have sent Jesus Christ and that he has overcome the world. I praise you that he has overcome all evil, sin, and death, and that I may rejoice at all times in your presence.

Dedicate to Him a contact or act of kindness that you will perform today to bless another person’s life

Lord, I look now to my day and the challenges known and unknown that they may serve your kingdom and glory. Protect me and my loved ones from those forces that would do us harm or draw us away from you.

Tell the Lord of your love for Him.

Today, Lord, I especially pray for those who are sick, hospitalized or dying. Let me never forget as you do not. Make me mindful of those within my acquaintance.

Preview your day with Him and then meditate and listen in silence for His guidance

Hear now my needs for this time and draw me near to you that I might be still and hear your voice.
Lord God, you crown the merits of the saints and pardon sinners when they repent.
Forgive us our sins, now that we come before you, humbly confessing our guilt.

Plan for physical exercise of His temple, your body

Oh, my Jesus, you mean everything to me. I am so blessed to finally realize how beautiful life is, if You are at the center. I trust you Lord and I accept your will. Show me the path Lord and I shall commit to obey your plans for me. AMEN